Our commitments

The Antibes Juan-les-Pins Tourism Office & Convention Bureau, with category I classification, is a member of the National Federation of Tourist Offices in France. It is committed to:

a) Providing a reception and information area with easy access.
b) Making your projects easier.
c) Providing seats.
d) Giving you free tourist information about the local area.
e) Displaying and sending out information about opening times in at least two foreign languages.
f) Offering free Wifi access.
g) Being open at least 305 days per year, Saturday and Sunday included, in peak periods and during events.
h) Replying to your written requests all year.
i) Ensuring a permanent welcome service, provided by staff who speak at least two foreign languages.
j) Ensuring the availability of paper versions of tourist maps and tourist guides.
k) Giving you access to its trilingual website dedicated to and suitable for consultation via different types of handheld devices.
l) Providing its tourist information on paper too, translated into at least two foreign languages, relating to:

  • all classified tourist accommodation, featuring at least the name of the establishment, the postal, email and web site address, the telephone number, the classification rating;
  • the touristic, cultural and leisure sites and monuments, featuring as applicable the entrance fees, public opening periods and hours, telephone number and web site and postal address;
  • events and activities;
  • emergency telephone numbers.

m) Annually updating its tourist information.
n) Displaying the emergency telephone numbers outside.
o) Displaying the whole tourist offer within its geographical area, to all types of client.
p) Enabling you to consult the availability of accommodation with ratings.
q) Handling your complaints and measuring tour satisfaction.
r) Offering a tourist information service which takes into account new computer and communication technologies (social networks, mobile telephones, geolocation...).
s) Respecting the quality requirements of the Quality Tourism label.
t) Making a trip advisor available to help you.
u) Guaranteeing the reliability and up-to-date nature of the tourist information on the local area.

THE ANTIBES JUAN-LES-PINS TOURISM AND CONVENTION BUREAU is committed to protecting the environment

Within the framework of the new commitments « Référentiel Qualité Offices de Tourisme de France V7 10-2016 », the Antibes Juan-les-Pins Tourism and Convention Bureau is going green. In accordance with the article 2.13 of these guidelines, "The Tourist Office initiates actions linked to sustainable development".

A few examples of our actions:

  • The staff at the Tourism & Convention Bureau takes steps to save energy and water.
  • In its internal management, print-outs are limited to a reasonable amount.
  • Waste is recycled.
  • The Tourism & Convention Bureau systematically favours the purchase of equipment with limited energy and water consumption and has a policy of purchasing products which have an environmental or ethical label or certification.
The city and the environment

To live in better harmony with our environment, you will find further useful information on the CASA website.



When on the go :
1) Take adavantage of public transport
2) At the wheel, drive in an environmentally-friendly way (at constant speed, tyres sufficiently inflated)

During leisure activities :
3) Respect the environment by picking up your littre (picnic leftovers, cigarette ends…)
4) Protect the local eco-systems (follow the rules about fishing and diving, dogs on the beach…)
5) Admire the local plants without touching them, on a daily basis
6) Opt for a local produce in keeping with the season
7) sort and recycle your rubbish
8) Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
9) Make sure that you turn the taps off fully
10) Take a shower rather than a bath
11) Turn off electrical appliances without leaving them on stanby mode (standby mode can use up to 1582 kw/h: that’s 174 euros per year!).

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