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Tourist tax

Tourist tax is charged for stays in paid accommodation. It replaces local residence tax.

The set amount of tax, per person and per day, is as follows:

For the hôtels, self catering, holidays lodgings and bed & breakfast :

€4 for "palace" category
€3 for 5* establishments
€2.25 for 4* establishments
€1.50 for 3* establishments
€0.90 for 2* establishments
€0.75 for 1* establishments
€0.75 for registered establishments with no classification or star rating

€0.75 for Bed & Breakfast

For campsites :

€0.55 for 4* and 3* camp sites
€0.20 for 2* and 1* camp sites

For port :

€0.20 for boats in ports



The following categories are exempt from tourist tax : children aged under 18, holders of a seasonal employment contract working in the town, persons who have been granted emergency accommodation or have been temporarily rehoused, persons occupying premises for which the rent is less than 300€ per month.

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