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Discover kite-surf in Antibes

Kite-surfing offers a total sensation of freedom in an idyllic scenery

Thomas Parc - passionate instructor


First kite-surf session at sea, full of sensations!

Thomas :
First kite-surf session at sea full of sensations!Learning is done progressively with your good advice.
I love the sensations, I look forward to the next session to progress, thanks again!

Terry, 19 years old, student and ski instructor :
Two pleasant sessions, for a first kite-surf discovery. Good sensations for sailing, I eventually understood the concept. Very good explanations and advices.

Discovering kite-surfing was easy for me because I do a lot of wake-boarding.A lot of peopleliked the surf strap less, unpublished and original.
Good feeling of sliding!
Good times shared with my father and the others.

Alex :
A great session, very good material and very good class.I had a lot of fun!


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  • Apprendre le Kite Surf à Antibes ©Thomas Parc