The Sea park

Come and live a magical time !

Animals, caretakers and teaching teams are at your disposal to make your visit unforgettable!

Since 1970, Marineland park enchant young and old alike !


Marineland was founded in 1970 by the Count Roland de la Poype. By opening the gate of the park, the Count had one goal in mind : to share his passion for the aquatic world to the public, in order to make them discover the fascinating universe.

Ever since then, the park keeps evolving, toward more teaching, more unique meetings with unique animals! So come and discover more than 40 species represented by more the 3000 animals. Come and discover who they are, how they live, what is their environment, how they communicate, and even what is their hierarchy for some of them, like the cetacean for instance!

Marineland's teams developed shows and educational programs based on the sharing of their passion, so that people can come, discover and learn about the sea world while having fun. During these activities, discover how rich is the aquatic world, and what are the useful acts you can do to help save our planet. Learn about marine biology, the stakes that animals have to face in their natural environment, the direct actions taken by the park to help the preservation of the marine environment, and some trivia about the day-to-day life of the residents of the park with their caretakers. Those are more than just random activities, those a truly some genuine moments between passionates professionals and an aware public.

To preserve vulnerable species and their environment

On top of all that, the Marineland Park Association works to preserve vulnerable species and their environment. The Association takes pride into its commitment to raise awareness amongst the public, to participate to scientists researches, and to develop direct actions on the field. By coming to Marineland, you'll learn more about the efforts deployed to protects species in the area. The Association also created an establishment in collaboration with Antibes : the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, dedicated to the care of beached turtles or found in trouble. Animals are being take care of and are release in the sea as soon as their health allows them to do so. The Association also schedules beaches cleaning to raise awareness about littoral protection : this is Antib'lastique, to fight against plastic pollution who represent up to 80% of the waste found in the sea.

The sharing of knowledge

Finally, the sharing of knowledge between scientists coming from all over the world to study dolphins and killer whale, in order to be better at protecting them in their natural environment.

In 2018, Marineland has been distinguished by the American Human certification for the quality of its installation, and the recognized well-being of its animals (we are the 3rd park in Europe to obtain this certification).

The same year, Marineland opened its first dynamic attraction : a 5D theatre that can fit 132 sits. Thanks to larger than life special effects, visitors will be able to live an unique experience, that will reach the very frontier of the real and bring them into Arctic.

So ladies and gentlemen, adults and children, come learn, come discover, and more importantly, come have fun in Marineland !