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Learn Paddle Yoga with Céline Guesdon

Le Paddle Yoga, c'est le mariage parfait de deux activités harmonieuses en pleine nature.

A moment of pure relaxation


You have to try the paddle yoga. I discovered  paddle yoga, along with stand-up paddle and had never tried either one of those two disciplines before. I wanted to get back to sport for summer in a gentle and fun way. Paddle Yoga with Celine is a moment of pure relaxation combining walking at sea, total disconnection with everyday life while learning the basics of yog at your own pace.
Céline is a very good listener, caring and adapts to everyone’s rhythm. My favorite position? The warrior!

Céline was perfect for a beginner like me!


Céline was a perfect initator!


For my introduction we went to the small bay off  Ondes beach, where the sea turtles were released. I’ve never done yoga, just a little bit of stand-up paddle. When it came to go into water, Céline explained to me how to hold my paddle and move forward properly from the beach. Arriving in the bay, Céline took time to explain to me how to breath from the stomach and the movements  saluting the sun.
She held my board at first to stop me tipping over. The session lasted an hour and we repeated the movements saluting the sun several times so I could master them, then we had relaxation time while lying on the boards.

It’s a very good memory, which made me want to continue all summer and even start yoga classes in the studio this autumn. Céline was a perfect teacher