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Practice the “longe-côte” (coastline walk) with Wild Move




Live a beautiful natural interlude in Antibes Juan-les-Pins

We propose to everyone who comes to practice the Longe Côte/Aquatic Walkto discover a new facet of our Antiboises beaches. A stone’s throw from home, you will experience a beautiful natural interlude, amid the elements in all seasons!
Past the city, the road, the seaside amenities, and sometimes some steps, you will take part in a fully outdoor activity, with all its benefits and its scenery... In winter, equipped with a combination you will tame seawater in an environment became wild, for a privileged practice... In summer you will be immersed in the summer atmosphere in search of freshness and great moments of conviviality...

Whether you are new or experienced, you will be in a group or a team to share, exchange, evolve, and experience new playful experiences at each session.
The Longe Côte is more than just one sport: games, workshops, conviviality, sharing, a way of challenging, of rediscovering, to take care of one’s health,...and everything else that one can find for himself, without limits...

  • Longe Côte à Antibes, une activité complète, tout public
  • Longe Côte, plage de la Salis à Antibes
  • Equipe Wild move, longe côte à Antibes