Swim with dolphins and whales in their natural habitat


An unforgettable day

Jennifer M - Montélimar

A magical day
A day that is etched in our memories. Seeing dolphins this close in their natural habitat was just magic. Here nature is respected, nothing is forced, dolphins come with pleasure, if they want to! And you could say they are naturally curious! :) 

We were able to see several groups of dolphins and I saw two very close, it was magnificent! We were lucky to see a sea turtle on the way out. And we saw a whale! How lucky is that! 

What can I say about the team too? Great!!! People passionate about marine wildlife, who know how to convey their passion and answered all our questions. Thanks again to them for their great organization and how they looked after us.


Marion L. Le Mans

An extraordinary day
I was lucky enough to realize my dream thanks to this day. It was just magical! We had the good fortune to see dozens and dozens of dolphins, and a whale! We also saw a manta ray. The welcome as well as the atmosphere on board is just great. It is a birthday present that will remain forever engraved in my memory, pure happiness. Thanks again to the entire team of Exocet!!!


Céline S - Cuges-les-Pins.

An extraordinary outing
A trip engraved in my memory as my dream finally came true: swimming with dolphins and even with a whale in the middle of the sea. The team is amazing, thank you both, you are great!!!


Joss - Vallauris Golfe-Juan

A dream day
Thank you for this lovely day that allowed us to introduce our grandson to swimming with dolphins off the coast. Leaving  Vauban port with a captain and an attentive instructeur .
We saw and swam with hundreds of dolphins. We were lucky enough to see a whale.
Start at 8:30 with pastries and explanations. We were lend the diving gear. We searched for dolphins, then had an aperitif and a snack on very comfortable boat... A day that is one of our best memories!


Pascal B - Nantes

A dream come true
I had a wonderful day, J-C and Frédéric were really great... You can see they love what they’re doing and they pass it on to the divers. The dolphins were there. After so many years of dreaming about it, this day finally come true. A day that we have to repeat. Thanks to them and the dolphins for this both incredible and moving day.

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