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  • The 23rd October :

    Showcases from 2:00pm to 7.20pm:
    Come and discover 7 talentuous Jazz bands :
    Daniel Gassin «Crossover band»- French-American-Australian pianist who doesn't mind the borders.
    KS2 - an electro-shock jazz groove duo
    EYM trio - defending acoustic jazz on a variable geometry concept
    Josiah Woodson & Quintessential, honouring the four elements of nature
    Cascino trio with refined melodies, explosive improvisations and unpublished sounds
    Neve-Nobel – a talented Benelux duo
    Bloom, a trio of voices, free of all originality accompanied by a double bass and percussion.

    Concert from 9 pm:

    Eve Beuvens and Mikael Godée quartet
    Eve Beuvens is a cliché-free composer and multi-faceted pianist. Its music surprises with its freshness and fluidity and seduces the audience with its poetry and intensity. Mikael Godée soprano saxophonist adds a sweet and chromatic Nordic sound to this melody. Magnus Bergström (Bass Guitar) and Johan Birgenius (drums) two charismatic and sensitive musicians complete this duo.

    Serket & the Cicadas
    This quartet mixes acoustic instruments with electronics and transgresses the beaten path of Jazz. He creates a universe that evokes the psyched bands of the '70s. He is also inspired by jazz projects from Northern Europe (Gogo Penguin, Portico 4tet), urban music and current jazz musicians (Chris Dave, Robert Glasper, Aaron Parks, Avishai Cohen, Brad Mehldau).

    24th October

    Showcases from 2pm to 7:20 pm:

    7 groups were carefully selected for this afternoon of showcases:
    Cécile Andrée whose aerial and sensitive voice is active when it envelops the texts or when it flies freely
    Dirty Talks - young band from Nice that offers cool music, swings, grooves and smiles
    Laurent Maur, who combines and enriches his harmonica with countless musicians from all over the world
    Dock in Absolute, 3 young musicians who combine different styles ranging from progressive jazz to classical and rock
    Instintivo, a fusion jazz trio, R'n'B coming from Maastricht in the Netherlands, with unique sounds
    OUT/LINE the quintet that plunges us into a cinematic universe, a reverse of textures and dark and elegant images
    Saràb, which makes us live a chimerical adventure by combining the fury of contemporary jazz and the infinite richness of the traditional musics of the Middle East.

    Concert from 9:00 pm

    House of Echo
    House of Echo was born in 2012 from the encounter between pianist Enzo Carniel and guitarist Marc-Antoine Perrio, around the desire to create space and improvised music, which reconnect and reconcile listening and time. Far from any emergency, their music develops and builds itself in time, in a subtle weft of colors and patches, between melodic abstraction and allusive groove, trembling textures drawing auditory landscapes with strong dreamlike power.

    Foehn Trio
    Melodic and current, the music of Foehn Trio invites the public from the first notes to enter its evocative imagination, oscillating between acoustics and amplification. Foehn Trio is part of this new wave of 21st century jazzmen. Two years after the release of “Magnesia”, Foehn Trio announces the release of their second album “Highline” scheduled for fall 2019, including some great guests including Erik Truffaz. Through these new compositions, the trio moves towards a new modern, punchy sound, subtly mixing acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, creating a powerful and dreamlike universe.
    Named after an ancestral wind carrying every grain of sand from the Sahara to the mountains of the Alps, the Foehn trio takes you on a musical journey full of emotions and complicity where fluidity triumphs in a highly intense toy!

    25th October

    Showcases from 14h to 19h20

    7 young bands with talented musicians perform in showcases:
    The trio of Alex Monfort, a recent team that climbs the steps of success at full speed
    Nicolas Gardel & Rémi Panossian who propose us a passionate, lyrical and surprising music
    The quintet of David Bressat, a luminous quintet that gives birth to compositions in colors and a warm and optimistic music
    Isabel Sörling, Swedish vocalist who mocks borders, genres and especially routine Sarah Lenka, a young singer known for her very personal interpretations, its scratchy timbre and its disturbing grain of voice that evolves in a world of folk and jazz.
    Sibusio Mash Mashiloane, South African musician, passionate, innovative who knows how to win the hearts and souls of his listeners whose music is inspired by the funk, hip hop, gospel and traditional music of his country.
    Shauli Einav and his quintet, whose music expresses heartbreaking feelings and exhilarating emotions.

    Concert - SACEM Evening - from 9:00 pm

    Jean-Marie Machado, Danzas Orchestra
    On October 25, Jean Marie Machado celebrates the 10th anniversary of his Danzas Orchestra, in the company of the musicians of the Orchestra (15 artists on the set).
    The Danzas Orchestra will present a selection of the five musical creation programmes, produced, recorded and broadcast since the beginning of its existence.

    If there is a Nojazz concept, it is very simple: mix the spirit of the soul and the jazz of the origins (the party) with the hypnotic rhythms of the current sounds. Soul and jungle, trip hop and fanfares, melodies and samples, funk hard bop with drum'n'bass sauce, it is the marriage of swing and electronics.

    October 26th – Big Band Day

    2 concerts, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm

    Les Rugissants (10 musicians): Les Rugissants is a modern jazz tent led by pianist and composer Grégoire Letouvet. Influenced as much by contemporary jazz as by classical and contemporary music, Les Rugissants blends complexity and lyricism in their compositions.
    Met at the CRR in Paris, Les Rugissants evolved progressively from 5tet to 10tet, in search of a real musical dramaturgy, of colors and orchestral movements giving life to the discourse, a blurring of the lines between writing and improvisation, a collective groove.

    Tullia Morand Orchestra: The composer and conductor Tullia Morand was surrounded by a band XXL: 13 musicians. After co-authoring the music from the films Sound of Noise and Le Temps de l'Aventure, she continues her journey which corresponds to her universe nourished by jazz, classical and pop influences.

    2 concerts from 9:00pm

    Line Kruse Orchestra (20 musicians): Danish composer, Line Kruse sets the bar high in large format music with this ambitious new project that is his fourth album Hidden Stone.
    It takes some courage to tackle the delicate art of the big band today. And it is all the more daring that the music is directed by the violin and is based on the tortuous rhythm of the Latin polyrhythms.

    Bigre (21 musicians): Great purist of musical poncifs, thinking head of Bigre! and the collective Grolektif, Félicien Bouchot is the prolixe author of a resolutely composite music. Where you can hear the Cuban Rumba tinkering with the odd metrics of the Balkans, where you can guess possible idylls between afrobeat and metal, where travel memories can give rise to incredible musical chimeras…
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