Tourist Tax

Tourist Tax

The tourist tax has been introduced to the commune of Antibes Juan-les-Pins in 1973. It is intended to improve the tourist reception of the municipality. The tourist tax applies to any person who is housed for a fee and who is not domiciled in the municipality and does not have a residence in the municipality where he is liable to the tax. It is collected by the hosting company which gives it quarterly to the Public treasure.

The rates of the tourist tax are fixed for each type of accommodation and according to the classification, per person and per overnight stay. The tourist tax is mainly dedicated to the financing of tourist promotion activities conducted by the Tourist Office. This resource also helps to support tourist events organized in summer to make your guests' stay more enjoyable..

The set amount of tax, per person and per day, is as follows.

For the hotels, self catering, holidays lodgings and bed & breakfast

€4 for "palace" category
€3 for 5* establishments
€2.25 for 4* establishments
€1.50 for 3* establishments
€0.90 for 2* establishments
€0.75 for 1* establishments
3% of the cost of one night for registered establishments with no classification or star rating
€0.75 for Bed & Breakfast

For campsites :

€0.55 for 4* and 3* camp sites
€0.20 for 2* and 1* camp sites

For port :

€0.20 for boats in ports

Tax Exemption

Are exempted from the Tourist Tax

•Children younger than 18 years old
•Seasonal workers working in the city