Parc Exflora

The Exflora park is the last-born of Antibes' gardens

Located on the outskirts of Antibes Juan-les-Pins, Exflora is a 12-acre public park. Various types of Mediterranean garden, from Ancient Rome to the 19th century exuberance of the French Riviera, are laid out around a central olive grove.
The best view of the whole park is to be had at the entrance, from the main terrace, built in the Italian renaissance tradition.

500-metre stream

Perpendicular to the terrace are ponds, fountains and other water features. Antibes is famous for its roses, and you will find many examples of them lining the path that leads down to the sea.

The exuberant exotic garden and palm groves are a reminder of when wealthy English gardeners liked to spend their winters alongside royalty on the French Riviera, taking great pleasure in acclimatising winter-flowering plants and shrubs.

Further along, an outdoor theatre, inspired by those found in Italian gardens, and, at the very end of the garden, a belvedere, each offer their own spectacular view of the sea and the Lérins Islands.

A traditional 18th century Provencal garden

The park also features a typical Provencal clipped shrub maze - always a fun thing to find in a garden! Further on we find a reference to Islamic gardens with the orangery, where clay irrigation channels form a grid similar to the one in Seville Cathedral’s famous courtyard.
The fruit and vegetables in the Arsat are grown using the deep trench technique, common in Moroccan gardens, which protects them from the heat of the sun, provides them with shade and helps them to retain moisture. Next to the Arsat is a replica of a riad garden - a square courtyard found in the centre of Moroccan houses and frequently embellished with a pond, plants and pots. This part of the garden ends with a kiosk roofed with beautiful varnished blue tiles, in homage to Majorelle’s blue garden in Marrakech.

Another part of the park is dedicated to winter-flowering plants like mimosa and camellia (best viewed in the winter).

Visiting Exflora Park

Avenue de Cannes – Antibes-les-Pins - France
1st June - 31st August: 9.30am - 9.30pm
1st - 30th September: 9.30am - 7pm
1st October - 28th February: 9.30am - 5pm
1st March - 31st May: 9.30am - 7pm
No dogs allowed, Free admission