The pine grove, La Pinède

A green lung for Juan-les-Pins

La Pinède, a pine grove in the heart of Juan-les-Pins, serves as a green lung for this part of the town. There are two parts to this park, which is located right by the sea. To the north is a children’s playground, a merry-go-round, a sculpture by Sosno, and benches for sitting either in the sunshine or in the shade of age-old umbrella pines. In July, free early-evening concerts, known as Jammin’Summer sessions, are staged here..

Every year in July, La Pinède is the cradle of jazz in Juan 

The southerly part of the park known as Pinède Gould where a large metallic structure sits overlooking the beaches, becomes an open-air theatre every July, hosting a variety of concerts - more particularly, since 1960 it has been the main venue for Jazz à Juan. In fact, on the footpath alongside Pinède Gould, you can see the handprints of jazzmen who have performed at the festival.