A stroll around Fort Carré

A short, easy and enjoyable stroll

A stroll both outside (accessible to everyone) and inside the ramparts (limited access).

Encircling the fortress and bordering the sea, Fort Carré offers an exceptional stroll amid typically Mediterranean trees. It is thanks to the fact that it remained inaccessible and unscathed from the time of the construction of the building to the 1990s, that the hill now has a true ecosystem, containing many animal and plant species representative of the Mediterranean environment.

Species of flora and fauna include: olive trees, carobs, lentisks, green oaks, celtis, strawberry trees, jasmines, malva sylvestris, bindweeds and Campanulas, sparrowhawks, kestrels, swifts, oriental turtle doves, sparrows, choucas, finches, hedgehogs, shrews, badgers, weasels, beech martens, rabbits, red squirrels, pipistrelles, and even red foxes.

The area is listed as protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral.