The pilgrims' path

A 100 metre climb

A stone pathway to the Garoupe Plateau

The view from the Garoupe plateau is breathtaking and is worth the effort it takes to get there.

From the Salis beach car park, follow the promenade and boulevard James Wyllie, go past the small port and take Chemin du Calvaire (on the right on the bend) to the Garoupe plateau and the orientation table. The return to the beach can be done via the road. Take the route du Phare and then avenue Aimé Bourreau on the left up to boulevard Grand Bacon to reach Chemin du Calvaire and the seaside. You can also use the stone passageway between route du Phare (opposite the public toilets) and avenue Aimé Bourreau .

Garoupe woods

Before arriving at the Plateau the path takes you to Garoupe Wwoods, which is one of the rcity's most remarkable green spaces, owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral. You can also access the wood via route du Phare and chemin Notre Dame, and then return to the seaside via chemin de l'Ermitage and the avenue de la Salis.

Not to be missed: the Garoupe chapel and its collection of ex-votos offerings, the lighthouse (one of the most powerful in the region) and in particular the magnificent panorama. From the Chemin du Calvaire, access to Garoupe woods.

Level: medium
Duration: 2h (wear walking shoes)

Note: every year, in spring (early April), the  "Le Calvaire Antibois" race takes this route.