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Jammin'Summer Session

Concert ,  Jazz and blues ,  Music in Juan Les Pins, Antibes
  • 20 free concerts of Jazz music to present the young generation, as inventive as it is talented.

  • 20 free concerts as qualitative as varied for the delight of Jazz lovers.

    July 7th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Charlotte Planchou trio - Vocal Jazz
    It was at the Lausanne Haute École de Musique that this artist first discovered her passion for the German lied. More so than ever, it was in this form that she found the tradition of the melody that she holds so dear. In 2015, she joined the Opéra Eclaté company and toured the opera houses of France, before turning towards other repertoires,...
    20 free concerts as qualitative as varied for the delight of Jazz lovers.

    July 7th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Charlotte Planchou trio - Vocal Jazz
    It was at the Lausanne Haute École de Musique that this artist first discovered her passion for the German lied. More so than ever, it was in this form that she found the tradition of the melody that she holds so dear. In 2015, she joined the Opéra Eclaté company and toured the opera houses of France, before turning towards other repertoires, drawing pieces from jazz, traditional Gypsy songs or German cabaret.

    July 8th at 7.15pm
    Petite Pinède : Igor Gehenot "Cursiv" - Post-bop/contemporary jazz
    Today, at just 30, Igor Gehenot already presenting his fourth album as a leader. Between post-bop and contemporary music, Cursiv presents strong melodies, intimist - even introspective - atmospheres crossed by some groovy fulgurances. A piece of original music, in tune with its time, without frills but going straight to the heart.

    July 9th at 7.15pm
    Petite Pinède : Christophe Imbs "ForYourOwnGood !" - Electro jazz
    Christophe Imbs is a self-taught pianist and composer living in Strasbourg. On stage, he tends to use the acoustic piano, mixed with various electronic effects. As a musician, he throws himself into various artistic contexts, often creating musical projects related to text and poetry He wrote the music for the photographer Philippe Savoir's e-book. Philippe Savoir. He is currently working on a project based on Werner Herzog's La Soufrière, and has written an opera on a libretto by David Noir.

    July 10th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Dexter Goldberg trio - Classic jazz
    With a name like that, this pianist was always destined to become a jazz musician. Alert phrasing, joyful virtuosity, and relaxed gesture, Dexter Goldberg has jazz under his fingers. One of the most promising musicians on the French scene, he builds brilliant architectures that he never ceases to dismantle, with a clarity and assurance of movement that makes you dizzy.

    July 11st at 7:15pm
    Petite Pinède : Los Aurora - Flamenco jazz
    A flamenco-jazz group that has revolutionised the national and international music scene since the release of its first album, Aurora. Their bold and personal musical offering represents a breath of fresh air in the world of flamenco, no longer hesitant to blend itself with other musical aesthetics such as jazz, for example.

    July 12nd at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Nicolas Gardel – Contemporary pop/rock jazz
    From Georges Gershwin to Duke Ellington, via New Orleans, the trumpeter Nicolas Gardel (Tours with David Sanborn/first trumpet in Michel Legrand's Big Bang, Electro Deluxe Big Bang, among others) offers up a concert devoted to jazz, with his organist sidekick Thierry Ollé.

    July 13rd at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Nathan Mollet trio – Classic jazz
    Immersed in the musical universe of his father since childhood, Nathan Mollet very quickly became interested in Jazz music. Enrolled in an improvisation workshop at the age of 7,he tried his hand at composition: he first created short loops that have been enriched over time. It was alongside his father that he experimented with his interpretations of standards and his own compositions. Then, Nathan felt the need to set up his own project. It was quite naturally his father whom he chose on the double bass

    July 15th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Call Me Winston – Tribute to Quentin Tarantino
    Director Quentin Tarantino has often shaped the atmosphere of his films through the music chosen for their soundtracks. Entire scenes are often supported by a single song, becoming an essential character within the plot. Call Me Winston is a concert paying homage to Quentin Tarantino and his unique way of using music in his films. Songs and instrumental music, some having sunk into oblivion, have been brought back to life. Others still have left their mark and remain engraved in our collective memory.

    July 16th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Gabriel Gosse trio – Jazz pop/contemporary
    French guitarist Gabriel Gosse's trio has cultivated an open and modern jazz, in which a certain pop energy is enthusiastically invited into the fold. Served up with nuance and cohesion, these compositions combine some dazzling characteristics with a restraint that is bursting with interiority. Seeking to avoid the "déjà vu" of a traditional formation, this energetic combo weaves an elegant and very current sound universe.

    July 17th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Three in a Box – Urban jazz
    Franck Agulhon, a valuable contributor to many jazz projects today, joins forces with Cyril Benhamou and Pascal Blanc. Their human and musical coming together is immediate, with their common ground unlimited. From their many influences (jazz, pop, rock, electronic, etc.) a truly original, energetic, airy and often dreamlike music is born, offering jazz an urban groove with absolutely no hanging around.

    July 18th at 7:15 pm
    Petite Pinède : Akagera – Afro-jazz/contemporary
    In 1981, the Humair-Jeanneau-Texier trio released the album Akagera from the soundtrack of the eponymous animal documentary. 40 years later, Akagera pays tribute to their illustrious elders as they present contemporary Afro-Jazz. With their atypical selection of instruments, they offer a sound that is truly original within the European jazz landscape.

    July 20th at 08:00 pm
    Kiosque à Musique : Yon Solo – Discover Tremplin Jazz Médiathèque 2021 - Electro jazz
    Music escaped from childhood and imbued with mythology, an Odysseus travelling ever further to the unknown seas where we meet those terrifying creatures from the end of the world – that is what Yon Solo's music evokes. This naive, sincere and delicate music invites us just as much to introspection as to a kind of trance, in a movement that reconnects us with the here and now. Make no mistake, Yon Solo is a jazz trio with pop influences. This trio puts improvisation firmly in the spotlight in order to offer up a powerful and hypnotic concert.

    July 27th at 08:00 pm
    Kiosque à Musique : Toine Thys "Overseas" - Oriental jazz
    At the crossroads of Arabic music, jazz and tonal improvisation, classical music and the rhythms of Brazilian music, they offer up rapidly evolving repertoire, composed of clean, free and melodious compositions. These foor musicians come together and present their respective worlds. Their stories and intonations are all different, and it is these differences that make the band such a delight for us. Simplicity and seriousness, joy and exploration, the quartet skilfully plays on their opposites. Together, they create a musical space that respects the integrity of these artists, but where a taste for adventure and discovery remains essential.

    On July 29th at 08:00 pm
    Petite Pinède : Antiloops "Supernova" - Contemporary jazz
    Ludivine Issambourg is a gifted flautist, composer and producer, whose talent has captivated even the greatest artists. From her flute escapes the scrolls of a new sound, reflecting her many influences. Between her lips, jazz, hip-hop and electro-funk explode like a supernova – the name of her latest album. In this ambitious project, Ludivine Issambourg is reunited with her band Antiloops, a band she created in 2012 and with which she released two remarkable albums.

    August 3rd at 08:00 pm
    Kiosque à Musique : Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià – Vocal /modern Jazz
    The firm jazz roots of Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià embrace a repertoire of traditional songs from Catalonia, Spain and Latin America. Their repertoire is also composed of original songs developed around poems. Improvisation can be found in each of their concerts, through Magalí's voice and percussion work, never hesitating to mix in her own rhythms and melodies.

    August 5th at 08:00 pm
    Petite Pinède : François Poitou quintet – Modern jazz
    With gracious and elegant music, at the crossroads of jazz and chamber music, François Poitou leads a string quartet and a saxophonist through an improvised reverie that is as poetic as it is substantial. His very personal universe, composed of a modern jazz tinged with more classical influences, gives this project a very particular sound: a "chamber jazz" that is both cinematographic and aerial.

    August 10th at 08:00 pm
    Kiosque à Musique : Jemm Music Project - World music
    The Jemm Music Project works with contemporary and improvised tribal music. Ancient African instruments come together with the steel pan of the Caribbean and the handpans of the 2000s. The acoustic drum mixes with the electronic pad, creating an urgent, modern and engaging rhythm. The electric bass and vibraphone bring an archaic rhythm back to the present, while woodwind instruments connect it to the great cosmic bands of the 70s. Flutes, wooden drums, whistles and a multitude of objects are used in unexpected ways, seeking to create a unique atmosphere.

    August 12nd at 08:00 pm
    Petite Pinède : Laura Prince – Vocal jazz
    Authentic, organic, sincere... these are the keywords that characterise the universe of Laura Prince. Above all, she is a singer and a musicien but she is also author, compositor and she surrounde herself with talented musicians. She defends a simple and innate music and offer us her Peace of Mine. Through this music, she comes to share the inner peace discovered over the years.

    August 17th at 08:00 pm
    Kiosque à Musique : MOHS - Contemporary jazz
    Drawing their inspiration from the living and everything up to and including the earth's mineral matter, Mohs' music is a call to contemplate on the telluric forces that surround us. This young quartet draws its inspiration from contemporary jazz and new musical trends, such as electronic music or hip hop. The bond shared between these musicians gives birth to a bewitching and embodied music, leaving plenty of room for improvisation.

    August 19 at 08:00 pm
    Petite Pinède : Henry Spencer & Juncture - Jazz pop/rock
    Henry Spencer is considered one of the great talents of the British jazz scene. His great talent is drawing a high level of recognition. Astonishing dynamic variety, compositional flair and a measured vigour mark out this fast-rising star of the London scene and his multi-award-winning and close-knit band: emotive and evocative music that touches jazz, rock and minimalism and makes for an energising sound of its own.
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