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Jammin'Summer Session

Concert ,  Jazz and blues ,  Music in Juan Les Pins, Antibes

  • 35 free concerts of Jazz music to present the young generation, as inventive as it is talented.

  • 35 free concerts as qualitative as they are varied for the greatest pleasure of jazz lovers.

    Music Festival
    21-June at 19:00
    Kiosque place Nationale: Nice Gospel Group
    For more than 15 years, the Nice Gospel Group has been singing and illuminating hearts! The love of gospel brought together these singers with varied profiles, warm and generous voices, all passionate, among other things, by African-American music and its derivatives. Compositions with original musical sounds to rediscover...
    35 free concerts as qualitative as they are varied for the greatest pleasure of jazz lovers.

    Music Festival
    21-June at 19:00
    Kiosque place Nationale: Nice Gospel Group
    For more than 15 years, the Nice Gospel Group has been singing and illuminating hearts! The love of gospel brought together these singers with varied profiles, warm and generous voices, all passionate, among other things, by African-American music and its derivatives. Compositions with original musical sounds to rediscover the collective fervor of the great African-American bands and savour the pleasures of a powerful, energetic and captivating music.

    Petite Pinède - 8:30 pm: Jazz Anatole
    Anatole is both a name of Greek origin and a famous harmonic cadence, which defines well the state of mind of the group: to pay tribute to composers/ musicians of past years, while exploring a repertoire observing harmonic rules, very different tempos and styles. Their credo: Jazz for all, public informed or not, thanks to a register accessible to all: «History of Jazz».

    July, 10th to 20th

    Petite Pinède – rue Jacques Léonetti – Juan-les-Pins - 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

    10 July
    Neve - Nobel - Jazz
    Both soloist and composer, pianist Jef Neve has successfully presented numerous tours in Belgium, the rest of Europe and around the globe. For his latest album «Spirit Control», he called on the young and talented Dutch trumpeter Teus Nobel. A great duo, presenting a mix of original pieces and cool jazz standards, concerts full of humor, fun and above all a great musical mastery.

    11 July
    Cascino Trio – Jazz groove
    On stage, a piano, a drums and a double bass. But the Cascino Trio crosses borders and pushes the limits of a simple trio. Between refined melodies, explosive improvisations and unprecedented sonorities, they explore a jazz mixed with Mediterranean, Latin and African rhythms and resonances, where trance and melody mingle.

    12 July
    Jean-Yves Candela – Latin jazz
    With his latest opus, «Brazil Connection», Jean-Yves Candela, an exceptional pianist combining arduous rhythms and surprising harmonies, explores new sound horizons, enriching his aerial and sensual music with a soul supplement with crystalline and unctuous sonorities. The deep harmonies full of musicality open the doors of jazz to the most profane, without ever sinking into the demonstrative agreed, making the beauty of this genre accessible to all. An album that sends the colors of jazz «Made in France»

    13 July
    Nicolas Gardel – Jazz
    Highly sought-after sideman (David Sanborn, Laurent Mignard, Nicholas Payton, Electro Deluxe, Zebda like his clear and virtuoso phrasing), trumpeter and composer Nicolas Gardel invites his quartet to revisit the great standards of jazz. You can easily swing from the head, or even the whole body, with your super efficient groove. Music in his image, passionate, lyrical and surprising. From Duke Ellington to pop, his repertoire, also enriched with original compositions, embraces the roots, the present and the next day…

    14 July
    Josiah Woodson Quintessential – Jazz
    Winner of a Grammy Award as a sideman on Beyoncé’s «Love on Top» album, Josiah Woodson has collaborated or shared the stage with artists such as Branford Marsalis, Billy Hart or Dave Holland. With his own project “Quintessential”, he intends to pay tribute to the four elements of nature, to which he adds an immaterial dimension composed of love, grace, peace and hope.

    15 July
    Anamorphoz Jazz
    Pianist Philippe Villa and accordionist Frédéric Viale share the same taste for melodies and improvisation. Together, they present «Anamorphoz», revisiting each other’s compositions. Each piece takes on a different shape, tone and colours. They also share the creation of new pieces. In tandem for the first time, these two musicians offer on stage a tasty cocktail of lightness, energy, creativity and musicality.

    16 July
    OZMA Modern Jazz
    John Coltrane playing with “Rage Against The Machine”? Ravi Shankar jammant with “Pink Floyd”? Or Amon Tobin remixing a New Orleans band? OZMA, the ecstatic quintet of drummer and composer Stéphane Scharlé, returns with a 7th album, «Hyperlapse», an enchanting and exhilarating notebook dedicated to ten cities crossed by the band during an incredible world tour that earned him the opportunity to perform, in 2018, on the podium of the «Bureau Export» of the most exported French artists with Youn Sun Nah and Tigran Hamasyan.

    17 July
    Jeremy Hababou trio – Jazz
    This young Franco-Israeli pianist and composer is among the finalists of the Montreux International Jazz Competition in 2014. A great recognition due to his diligent work, but also to decisive meetings with the singer Anne Ducros, the pianist Omri Mor or André Manoukian, unanimous to greet one of the new talents of the Israeli jazz scene.

    18 July
    SARAB – Contemporary Jazz – Middle East
    Sarāb (mirage» in Arabic), was born from the meeting of the Franco-Syrian singer and composer Climène Zarkan with the guitarist Baptiste Ferrandis, joined by musicians from all walks of life to lead an adventure in which the richness of contemporary jazz and traditional music from the Middle East come together. Dreaming with the harmonies of jazz, exulting with the energy of rock, dancing with the rhythms of the world, the music of Sarāb emerges in new chords drawn from the depth of the past, playing the map of contrast between the instrumental power and the delicacy of the song of Climène.

    19 July
    Julia Biel – Vocal Jazz
    Love, breakup, roots, loneliness... She approaches deeply universal themes with her sensitivity to the skin and especially her deep voice, recognizable among thousands. Much more than a jazz singer who explores the fields of pop, she is a gifted songwriter looking for what simplicity can offer more magic. Brilliant of a highly elegant jazzy pop, a musician now accomplished and that we will no longer be able to do without.

    20 July
    Rouge – Jazz. Concert in partnership with Jazz Migration.
    It is a true chromatic odyssey that this trio invites, between the classic waves of Satie or Ravel and the warm-cold tones of Tigran Hamasyan, E.S.T. or Gogo Penguin. Their first album «Derrière les Paupières» evokes a stormy crossing, an aerial and sensitive path towards an interior thinning. With simplicity, the musicians create the conditions of immersion, contemplative and hypnotic, to better train us in the heart of the sweet storm… “Red”

    Bandstrand - Place Nationale: 8pm - 9pm

    17 July
    Léon Phal quintet – Jazz
    In his second opus «Dust to Stars», Léon Phal explores at the head of a quintet formed in the purest hard bop tradition, all the music that inhabited his sleepless nights, between house, drum'n'bass and afrobeat. A true groover machine, a formidable quintet whose influences and imagination inspire improvisations to the ropes. If he is already flirting with contemporary jazz greats, there is no doubt that his breath, curiosity and free spirit will take him far.

    19 July
    Oscar Peñas – Jazz fusion
    American guitarist and composer of Spanish origin having collaborated with musicians such as Ron Carter, Paquito D'Rivera or Esperanza Spalding, Oscar Peñas seduces from the start by the skilful and original fusion that he operates between classical, Spanish or South American music. Transcending genres, cultures and styles with graceful and powerful fluidity, he shows a rare sensitivity, which allows him to shade the airs with sense and subtlety. A refreshing musical approach in today’s over-amplified jazz world.

    July 21st to August 20th - 8 pm - 9:15 pm - On Wednesday and Friday

    21 July
    Petite Pinède– Karst – Jazz
    Jazz bass still has strong supporters in France, like Francois Lapeyssonnie, a composer full of ideas. There is in his game, a bit of Michael League (Snarky Puppy), or even Meshell Ndegeocello in his way of improvising and posing very suave bass «fills». After «Out/line», he presents his new project «Karst», allegory of an underground formation where water accumulates, circulates, of which emerge sources, structures, strata... A magnetic ode, a dreamy pop and a clean, invigorating jazz.

    Bandstrand - Place Nationale - Ornicar – Jazz Rock fusion
    To free oneself from labels and aesthetics, to exchange roles, to mix the acoustics of instruments with the electric effects, and to let oneself be carried above all by the need to create a group sound with three, such is the credo of Ornicar. The result: a narrative, energetic and contrasting music that borrows from rock, funk or electro as well as jazz, firmly anchored in the current musical landscape.

    23 July
    Petite Pinède – Julien Tassin Trio – Jazz rock / blues
    Julien Tassin’s music reflects his game: sincere, clear and barrier-free. Lovers of blues and rock as well as harmonic and rhythmic finesse of jazz, he refuses to choose. By naturally mixing styles, he offers an original repertoire with remarkable energy and energy. Very expressive in his game, he is part with his guitar that tells, cries, screams and pushes us. His rhythm section has understood this: complicity and surprise are in this trio.

    Place Nationale - Bandstrand: Manu Carré Electric 5 – Electro-jazz-pop
    Electro-jazz-pop with creative and eclectic sound… After “Go” and “Labyrinth”, Manu Carré delivers his third opus: “City Traffic”. Whether you travel through Liverpool, Tuscany or the Cosmos, each one finds a free trip in this new album where you meet David Bowie, the Beatles, Joe Zawinul… Of all this musical past, traces of course remain, seeds germinated in another way, in a style unique to the five musicians. Difficult in these conditions to resist the pleasure of tapping the foot or to get carried away by this sedimentation of influences!

    28 July
    Petite Pinède - Mae Defays trio – Jazz soul vocal
    An exclusively female trio! Maë Defays, magnificent ambassador of the jazz-soul style, subjugated by his groovy arrangements, his energy and the suavity of his voice timbre of an irresistible elegance. Together with her two partners, she offers light versions of the titles of her latest EP «Whispering». A very contemporary «cross-over», where ballads alternate with «up-tempo» songs and where she distills at the right time her brilliant vocal improvisations. To his jazz and neo-soul repertoire, sometimes tinged with pop accents, Maë adds bossa-nova pieces and compositions influenced by funk, «black music», hiphop or afrobeat.

    Bandstrand - Place Nationale: Danzones – Folk Jazz
    Spanish violinist Pablo Rodríguez and Cuban pianist Humberto Ríos present their album «Conversaciones». A work that focuses on the relationship between the Canary Islands and Cuba through jazz, folklore and classical music of the impressionist era. In these conversations, unique sounds are heard; when the violin is transformed into a small guitar or percussion instrument, or when the piano is "played" from the inside. Without losing sight of melodic simplicity, the music alternates between improvisation, a search for acoustic landscapes and high tension moments.

    30 July
    Petite Pinède - HØST - "Kos" – Post-rock jazz, Jazz trip hop
    Høst (Autumn in Norwegian) is the image of the late season, mixing colors and textures, jazz, post-rock, trip hop with an inventiveness and a part of madness that makes you never get bored. An impressive range of emotions and energies, a cinematographic universe that evokes the most distant imaginations, embarking the audience towards the vast northern spaces and the desert heath. New opus: «Kos», opening the door of a warm universe to the comforting melancholy, like a moment of cocooning after a walk through the fjords.

    Kiosque Place Nationale: Tremplin Jazz Médiathèque
    Jon and John trio
    Their respective reputations are well established. It is on a musical register with a thousand facets, Jazz of course, but also soul, funk, current music and even classical, that these formidable musicians invite us to travel in landscapes often improvised and unknown. It’s strong, it’s rich and it clings to our hearts! (text: Solange Lemoine)

    04 August
    Petite Pinède - Imperial Orpheon – World Jazz
    «Impérial Orphéon» asserts itself for more than eight years as an atypical formation with explosive energy. These four virtuoso poly-instrumentalist musicians, with their unfailing complicity, take you on a concert that quickly becomes an invitation to dance, to the sound of a powerful, generous and unexpected music. Brazilian borrowings mingle with oriental trances, waltzes invite themselves into magnetic grooves, lyrical melodies hover over heroic pop. «The Phantom of the Opera» glides gaily in the sphere of these sweet lights, just like the spirit of jazz regularly invoked in this kaleidoscope of the most mirific sound.

    Bandstrand - Place Nationale: Mathias Levy trio – Gypsy Jazz
    From the unity acquired by the trio on the sound plane to its common breaths , through the elegance of its counterpoints, Mathias Lévy gives to hear, with his new opus «Unis vers», a group that has fully found its balance. In this repertoire of personal compositions, he develops his acoustic aesthetics, mixing classical influence, world music and a solar and poetic «Chamber Jazz».

    Petite Pinède - MLN HEADZ / Nuits Carrées discovery – Hip-hop Jazz
    «MLN-Headz», it is first of all a band of friends who meet regularly during the evenings organized at Caetano, a young prodigy born in Nice and raised in the United States, who surrounded himself with Nice cream in terms of groove. Offering a music with jazz influences, but especially a relaxed hip-hop, «MLN-Headz» (pronounced «Melon Headz») is inspired as much by the era «Old School» as the trap side of the force. A music rich, unpredictable, accessible to all and of an extremely contagious energy. By the times running, «MLN-Headz» is of public utility.

    Kiosque Place Nationale: La Local Jazz Band – Jazz club
    «La Local Jazz Band» is a project created in 2010 by Miguel Ramírez (director of the Canary Islands Jazz Festival) and Miqui Delgado. Both have collaborated and shared the stage for over thirty years with the same enthusiasm, creating and producing for their projects and for other artists. They will present «Paisajes Sonoros», their last album, the most personal, in the shape of a journey. Creative music that invites us to surprise ourselves and discover new places in our imaginary world, which we usually access in this spiritual vehicle called Jazz.

    Petite Pinède - Matthieu Chazarenc – Jazz
    Matthieu Chazarenc, refined drummer and sideman devoted to the music of others, decided to take the step and proposes «Canto II», eleven original compositions, including a tribute to Marcel Azzola: «Place Jasmin», as well as another to his south-westnative west to which he is very attached. The whole in the light of the choice of an instrumentation resolutely turned towards a sound favoring the acoustics, the chiseled note, the love of the melody and the song, in the listening, the improvisation and the finesse of the dynamics.

    Kiosque Place Nationale: Emilie Hedou trio – Soul Jazz, blues
    Passionate about black American music, marked by soul, jazz and blues,
    Emilie Hedou puts her powerful and expressive voice at the service of the melody. With a lot of presence, his trio mixes compositions tinged with blues and soul and reinterprets the great standards of their idols: Nina Simone, Etta James, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Chuck Berry...

    Petite Pinède – Bloom – Vocal Jazz
    “Bloom” seals the encounter between three particularly talented singers… Virtuoso harmonies, soul energy and the joy of being a threesome that promises a jubilant concert. To this is added a nice work of arrangements, very careful, when the original compositions are mixed with the pieces of Sting, Vinicius de Moraes or Abbey Lincoln, the variety of genres not preventing the unity of style.

    Place Nationale booth: Triple Roots - Eric Séva – Jazz
    Many points bring together the members of this formation: different artistic roots, of course, but deep, a nourishing musical soil that has stuck to their bodies the passion of melodic and rhythmic conversations stemming from popular music, an ideal meeting around jazz and world music. Finally, a common gift for sharing, among themselves and with the public. A magical combination to serve music made of original compositions by Eric, a completely acoustic and clean trio whose music circulates naturally. This trio is obvious… play, improvise, share, travel…

    18 August
    Petite Pinède - Les Ânes de Palinkov – Gypsy Jazz
    This collective from Montpellier mixes festively and stamped Bulgarian, Romanian and Gypsy music with original compositions, rooted in the Balkans, but whose branches seem to extend to South America... Explosive, full of humour and sometimes crazy, the «Donkeys of Palinkov» are united by a gleaming rhythm, inspired melodists and, above all, a sense of improv without limits.

    Place Nationale Booth: The Gallands – Electro Jazz
    Make the most of this period of coronavirus control. That is what the Gallands, father and son, have wanted to do over the past few months. The result is a brand new project, «The Gallands», a delicious blend of hip hop, jazz, r&b, electro, pop, breakbeat and funk. The joy of playing floods their grooves, their acoustic and electronic sounds, their spicy rhythms and their cinematic athemospheres. A moment of father-son sharing that, in all ways, works extraordinarily well.

    Petite Pinède - Thomas Delor trio – Jazz
    Thomas Delor managed to turn his trio into a unique group, with an unusual language, inimitable nuances and creativity that is both subtle and explosive. His compositions, arrangements and interpretations follow a similar and identifiable treatment from the first note, based on the exploration of his instrument which seems limitless, transforming it into a delicate mixture of melodic rhythmic colorist. A perfectly mastered music, but alive, full of twists and interactions, that holds in breath until the end.”

    Kiosque Place Nationale: Shauli Einav quintet – Jazz
    His talents in improvisation, composition and musical direction reveal a lively and innovative look that matches a daring and resolutely modern jazz. His language is incredibly personal, imbued with influences that demonstrate both a flawless taste and a willingness to go beyond the known limits of the history of jazz. Brilliant, clever, Shauli Einav likes to walk well-marked harmonic paths to collect original and always seductive turns. His latest album, «Animi», radiates confidence in a lively jazz, which swings and smiles brilliantly.
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