New year's concert

Music at Juan Les Pins, Antibes

  • Monday 1st January 2018 at 11:00 am and 4.00pm
    When the Great Danube changes colour”
    Benjamin LEVY, direction
    Jean MANIFACIER, presentation and conception
    “Have you ever laughed during a classical concert? We might be able to change that. For this 2018 New Year’s Concert, When the Great Danube changes colour, Benjamin Levy called on actor and director Jean Manifacier. For the occasion, he will take on the role of the distinguished yet terribly clumsy presenter that suits him so well, to elegantly shake this formal classical rendez-vous of January. Forming an irresistible and unlikely duo, Benjamin Levy and Jean Manifacier will disturb together this well-oiled protocol for this traditional concert. Burdened with this presenter that he appreciates, even if he always turns out to be disastrous, Benjamin Levy will direct the Orchestra of Cannes in all of its forms. Going from a thunderous Julius Furcik’s Entrée des Gladiateurs, to the elegant Amilcare Ponchielli’s Danse des Heures without forgetting a mystery work of the great Dmitri Chostakovitch, the maestro will drive us from surprises to surprises. So beware ladies and gentlemen, if you do come to the concert, you will be astonished!”
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