Urban art in the centre of Antibes

In the heart of Antibes, discover works from six artists, created in 2020 and 2021, during the Coul'Heures d'Automne festival and look out for the statuettes of Isaac Cordal, located on the walls of some of the old town's alleys. This route can be very easily explored on foot.

No 10 - the work of ZDEY decorates the pillars and under-slopes of the bridge at the Les Châtaigniers crossroads. An explosion of colours.

Zdey was brought up in France and lives in Paris. A committed artist, Zdey dedicates all his time to painting and to various humanitarian initiatives, two areas of his life which he has been able to bring together: for example, he has embellished the walls of Colombian and Mexican schools, with the help of local indigenous minorities. Though it was his background in graffiti that first inspired his painting, he has moved away from this discipline to concentrate on a more personal universe, with influences from pop, modern art and the Op art movement, inviting us to an elsewhere packed with positive energy.

No 11 - the Passage Michel Genty presents ARDIF's fighting fish. Fish ? Yes ... But pay attention to the details !

Ardif is a street artist based in Paris. During his architectural studies, he became fascinated by the aesthetics of the building and the machine. His work explores the possible hybrids between architecture/machine and nature, illustrated in particular through his series of "mechanimals", which can be found on the walls of various cities. This urban fauna creates a contrast forcing us to question the artificialisation of nature and the wild instinct we must rediscover within our urban life. 

Pass by Place De-Gaulle and admire its Hausmannian architecture (the Grand Hotel on the left). Head to Rue de la République. Once you reach the pharmacy, you'll see the remains of the Porte de France on your left, the former gateway to the city before the destruction of the ramparts.

No 12 - collaboration between street-artists JEN MILLER and CESAR MALFI

Two leading artists from the Côte d'Azur street-art scene have been united in this unique work that takes on the values of gender equality to create a fresco on the facade of the Albert Camus Media Library. A colourful collaboration from Jen Miller and Cesar Malfi, based on a large surface in the heart of the city, positioned against one of the area's cultural jewels and proudly sporting the values of equality, public reading and culture for all.

No 16 - discover the curved and linear work of ASTRO, facade of "Chez Victoire".

Astro is an artist who made his first graffiti in the northern suburbs of Paris. Starting out on his journey with art of tagging, he has gone on to create an abstract universe that brings together curves, calligraphy and dynamic shapes. Comfortable on large formats, he has created many frescoes in the heart of the city, offering up optical illusions for the viewer as he distorts the flatness of the facades; a work he has also demonstrated on canvas.

Head down Rue de la République to the recently renovated Place des Martyres de la Résistance.

No 14 - Admire the lovingly nurtured child of WANJAH

Wanjah is an artist hailing from Nice. Coming from a background in graphic design, he quickly turned to art and realism – teaching himself – to create frescoes both in the region and in Ukraine, with his "Unisurter" project, mixing the traits of people of different ethnicities in a single work to offer a message of unity and peace. His work explores various media: walls, canvas, burnt wood and even skin, through his tattooing.

No 13 - two artists come together to present this chimeric work by MONKEYBIRD, a detailed fresco spanning 120 m².

MonkeyBird is a French stencil-work duo composed of Louis and Edouard. Their universe is an invitation to a surreal and wonderful world. Time loses its meaning, slipping away before an almost magical tangle of stencils that sketch out their chimeric world stratum by stratum. Together, MonkeyBird walks us through the maze of utopian cities. In their expert hands, the stencil becomes lace. The finesse of the technique harmonises perfectly with that of the mind.

Take Rue du Dr Rostan and visit the St Bernardin Chapel before continuing on to 20 Rue Paul Bougarel.

No 15 - OLIVIA PAROLDI shares her admirable wood-engraving piece.

Olivia Paroldi is an artist and engraver based on the Côte d'Azur. Having discovered the art of engraving during her studies, she became passionate for this age-old technique which allows her to make visible what is not – especially for the young blind people she accompanies. Olivia creates urban prints with a central theme of childhood, framed by poetry. Her work exudes generosity and a love of sharing.

Stroll through the alleys of the Safranier district, between the Rue de la Tourraque and Rue du Haut Castelet.

No 17 - look carefully and you might just find the 16 tiny statuettes of ISAAC CORDAL in the streets of the old town.

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish artist from Galicia. His artistic work combines sculpture and photography, through scenographies immersed in the urban environment. His dioramas often feature the same character: a middle-aged social stereotype wearing a grey suit and tie and carrying a briefcase, who finds himself in some of the most anxiety-generating situations of our modern era, seeking to offer an open criticism of oligarchy, politics and more.

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