Urban art on the heights of Antibes

Step off the beaten path to discover these frescoes

Be warned, it's quite a climb!  Rent an e-bike or get your trainers on for a run to discover the works located on the heights of the town of Antibes Juan-les-Pins.
Forgot to pack your trainers? You can also park in the eco-mobility car park (Route de Grasse) next to the sChOOL, or take an envibus (line 9, 6 or A) which will drop you off near some of the works.

No 2 - the study of contemporary objects by ZOER

Zoer, a figurative painter born in Italy, has spent his life between Paris and Saint-Martin-Vésubie. Acrylic paint and oil are his favourite mediums. His visual research revolves around the study of the object – to understand its philosophy and its use – through which he captures life and the after-life in painting. From the portrait of the object to the question of the print, this artist's practice tends to explore the inevitable resurgence of form and matter.

No 1 - the walls of the sChOOL, an area of expression for artists including : SLY2, SKIO, GREMS and TOMAS LACQUE

Born in 1984, Sly2 is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist with a degree in print production. He discovered graffiti in the late 90s, becoming a founding member of the 3PP group. Becoming increasingly popular, his passion has led him to travel around the globe. Constantly questioning the world around him, his works reflect his personality: spontaneous, instinctive and talented. He chooses to share his works in order to establish a dialogue.
If these walls have ears, they can also talk ...

Skio, a Nice artist now living in Paris. The festival previously welcomed him in 2020 with the creation of a Coul'Box and the sChOOL exhibition "Ici des artists ont fait le mur" (Here, artists made the wall). An all-terrain artist who loves to experiment with new techniques: ink, acrylic, aerosol and even digital composition. His work is articulated between a digital and organic world, in which the transposition of abstract geometric forms intertwine with faces.

Grems or Michael Eveno was born in 1978. He lives and works in London. A graduate of the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, he is a man of many talents – immersing himself in rap, graphic design and contemporary art. Deeply rooted in the world of hip-hop, he has developed a unique style in both his musical and graphic universe.

Tomas Lacque is an artist born in 1984 who lives and works in Bordeaux. In 1998, he began to explore graffiti without any specific goal, guided only by passion and an overwhelming desire. His vision is one of "post-graffiti" and is based on a spontaneous abstraction of colour, contrasts and shapes, all based on body language. From the outset of his approach, he has sought to free himself from both technique and composition in order to move towards a more spontaneous and contemporary way of painting.


After taking part in the first edition of the Coul'Heures d'Automne Festival in 2020, artist Fred Battle presented his work once again in 2022 as he interpreted the facade of the new Sophia Antipolis Bus depot. With an artistic affinity for mobility developed over several years, his precise work of superimposed colours made him an artist of choice for this large-scale project focusing on the interpretation of everyday tools. Based in the Alpes-Maritimes, Fred Battle now enjoys an international reputation.

Project carried out in collaboration with KEOLIS and the Sophia Antipolis Intermunicipal Council.

No 4 - ASTRO's second work in the town of Antibes Juan-les-Pins.

Astro is an artist who made his first graffiti in the northern suburbs of Paris. Starting out on his journey with art of tagging, he has gone on to create an abstract universe that brings together curves, calligraphy and dynamic shapes. Comfortable on large formats, he has created many frescoes in the heart of the city, offering up impressive optical illusions as he distorts the flatness of facades; a work he has also demonstrated on canvas.

No 5 - the gigantic work of HELL'O.

Hell'o is a Belgian artist duo, made up of Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. Coming from the world of graffiti, they left tagging and spray cans behind for paper, painting, ink drawing and installation. Together, they have evolved within a rich and intriguing graphic universe in constant development, multiplying its references. Strange animals, small characters and asexual creatures recall the fantastic world of fables and fairy tales. Their compositions also evoke a surreal and unique universe.

No 6 - SCAF's optical-illusion work

Scaf is a 39-year-old artist from Lorraine who has been passionate about drawing since his childhood. He began creating graffiti in 2002. In particular, he favours a realistic and comic-strip style. In recent years, his works have focused on animals and anamorphosis. For him, the optical illusions he creates are veritable playgrounds in which the artist interacts with architecture. Here, the mural becomes a photographic work thanks to often unusual staging.

Heading back down to the centre of Antibes, take the Route de St Jean and stop at number 715.

No 7 - IZZY IZVNE's 3D work

Izzy is a young Moldovan artist. Her style mixes calligraphy and 3D. This artist is committed to creating works that inspire the public to look deeper, playing on optical-illusion effects to uncover what is not visible at first glance. As a committed artist, she promotes urban culture in Moldova among the younger generations, bringing them together around the values of peace, sharing and unity.

No 21 - HEKTOR

Hektor has been on the French and international graffiti scene for over 20 years. Mixing architecture with scenes of popular life, today he finds his inspiration in the everyday, thereby giving a more social dimension to his work. He plays very naturally with superimpositions of images and transparency to compose his works, paying great attention to the balance of forms and lightness. Precise, contrasted, and coloured, the work of this jack-of-all-trades effortlessly switches between the figurative and the abstract, offering up different degrees of reading according to the distance that physically separates us from his works.

No 23 - ABYS

Born in 1991, Julien Brouand, better known as Abys, is a self-taught French artist originally from Nancy. Passionate about drawing and cartoons from a young age, he discovered graffiti in 2009. After several years practising with various groups, in 2015 he moved towards a more personal work and developed his own reputation by creating characters, who he stages in living, narrative and colourful compositions, mixing scenery and lettering, etc.


Olivia Paroldi has been engraving for more than 15 years and is committed to perpetuating traditional ancestral techniques, put at the service of a contemporary artistic freedom. Over the years, engraving has become her exclusive means of expression. By choosing the walls of our streets as her medium, she claims to give her prints an accessible and popular dimension, working to develop a free and open art form. Her images invite passers-by to slow down and share stories with one another, for a couple of seconds or a few minutes: changing up the hectic pace of their daily lives.

No 27 - RIMP

Strongly marked by masks and their powers, Rimp is mainly interested in the figure, which can be found in whole or in part within his compositions. Influenced by the beliefs men hold to explain the world around them, such as totemism or animism, his style is a playground which encourages the mind to create formal associations and logical links specific to the spectator, thereby opening up different levels of reading for all. Through his art, Rimp seeks to reveal the connections that exist between all things in a world whose components we cannot claim to have truly mastered.


Rodrigo Estoy is a surrealist Chilean artist specialising in muralism. His creations mainly focus on scenes of daily life, transposed within a mystical and poetic universe. Recognised for his sense of aesthetics and his ability to bring his projects to life, Rodrigo Estoy has most notably been entrusted with large-scale projects by the Chilean Ministry of Health and the Santiago Metro.