Port Vauban

The largest marina in Europe

The old port of Antibes, stretching from what is now Porte Marine to Bastion Saint-Jaume, has been in use since ancient times - the bay at Saint-Roch was used by the Phoenicians as a commercial port and naval base. Its current layout dates back to the 1970s.

The port has a water area of approximately 62 acres, including a total berthing length of 4,200 linear metres, and a total capacity of 1501 places. The port welcomes all sorts of boats, from local 4m fishing boats (“pointu”) to 165m yachts, with an economy based on sailing and yachting and all related services: fishing, shipyards (careening and repairs), sailing clubs, crew agencies, etc.

Since 1986, its famous “billionaires’ quay” - quay of grand pleasure-boating- or Quai Camille Rayon, has been able to accommodate up to 19 superyachts (70m to 165m).

English can be heard in many of the pubs in the old town, giving the district a decidedly cosmopolitan feel.

Today, the Port is managed by Port Vauban 21.